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My name is Tomasz.     
I'm founder of the Tom's Automation Systems.     
My passion driven history has started with first Zilog Z80 based micro-controller which I have developed from kit in 1992 when I was at high school.
This set was named New CA80 Microcomputer and was build by Mr. Stanisław Gardynik, founder of MIK Company from Raszyn, Poland.
Set was availiable with very good documentation manuals, this simple microcomputer allowed me to learn the basics of electronics and microelectronics in few weeks.
Today we would name CA80 microcomputer the embedded kit development platform. At former times it was programmable using hard to code the assembly language mnemonics. Program storage was done on the regular home tape recorder that have to be specially adopted. Later an expansion kit for EPROM programming was available. The UV lamp was used for EPROM memory deletion.
I've been using CA80 basically for simple home lighting control.

Due to requests regarding info we have decided to add an extra description page about the CA80 here.
Following the new hobby idea, I have started studies at Silesian Technical University on the Automation and Robotics faculty. Shortly after my graduation I've founded my AUTOMATION SYSTEMS business. The industrial adventure with SCADA systems and PLCs has started.
90-30 GEFanuc PLC Image
Now it's already longer than a decade since I was gathering the experience as an automation engineer. This was mainly during automation systems commisioning for bigger and smaller projects where I was working alone or as a part of a team. I'm able to offer the professional enginerring force and to provide the services related to the HMI/SCADA systems, PLC and DCS systems programming, commissioning and training. For the details please checkup my profile and certificates pages.

As a hobby I've still continued small research projects. Few of them were done in field of embedded computers.
In 2007 I've purchased one of the first ARM based MOXA computer.
With program written in GNU C and using uC-Linux operating system this small device was able to record my car route and store it in simple text format for further processing. At the time this MOXA PC had no build in graphic card. The only option you could use to interface them was the www interface over ethernet or terminal connection.
In times when the mobile telephones were still in keyboard age and iPhone was going to be introduced to market, I've managed to build simple GPS logger.

My hobby continues and in free time I'm improving home by implementing simple automation.
Quite recently the PIzero was released and I've adopted it quickly to role of my desk binary clock. If you like challenges please try to read date and time shoted on photo. Use the page update date as guidance and you can send me result using contact form.
Other project was done in winter time in my boiler room, where PI2 is monitoring the pumps and temperatures during heating period.
Work in progress project is going on with Raspberry PI3 which has already serial coms hat.

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