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I'm working in the industry sector as an automation systems integrator. I have experience and are able to provide following engineering services related to the control software and hardware integration:
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming and on-site commissioning for controllers  programmable with IEC 61131-3 compatible languages (text based IL or ST or graphical based LAD, FBD. SFC).  Our experience covers mainly the following PLC brands:
-> GE-IP (series VersaMax, 90-30, 90-70, RX7i and RX3i (including redundant controllers)) programmable with GE-IP Proficy Machine Edition,
-> SIMATIC (series S7-300, S7-400, S7-1500 (including redundant conrollers)) programmable with SIEMENS STEP7 or TIA Portal,
-> ABB (series AC500, AC500-eco, AC500-S) programmable under ABB Automation Builder based on CoDeSys,
we also know from experience programming of the following PLC controllers:
-> Omron (C200H, CS1, CPM1A),
-> Unitronic (M90/91 and Vision series),
-> PILZ (modular safety PLC PSS3100).
We know as well programming of PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) which in fact is extended version of PLCs and industrial hardware with open communication protocols and visualization features incorporated in one programming environment.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) configuration and commissioning for visualization operator stations and servers. We are specializing in development using:
-> GE-IP Proficy iFix HMI/SCADA,
-> GE-IP Proficy Cimplicity HMI/SCADA,
and we know from experience following systems as well:
-> Wonderware InTouch SCADA,
-> Askom ASIX SCADA.

I have also experience from developing following Distributed Control Systems (DCS):
-> SIEMENS PCS7 (in chemical industry),
-> EMERSON DeltaV with Batch (in chemical and pharmaceutical industry).

Operator panels (OP) programming - devices used for smaller SCADA applications or to provide visualization at the plant floor.
I have experience with:
-> ABB CP600 series,
-> GE-IP QuickPanel series,
-> AllenBradley PanelView series,
-> Omron NT series,
-> WinCC Flexible.

Last but not least is configuration and commissioning of the factory communication systems which covers:
-> industrial based networks (e.g.  Profibus, ProfiNet, SNP, EGD, CANbus and Modbus compatible ones),
-> configuration of data transmission through serial links (RS232 or RS485/422) to dedicated 3rd party equipment (eg. bar code readers, weighting systems),
-> field bus systems (e.g. ASi, Profibus PA, FoundationFieldbus, etc.)
-> wireless based communication (e.g. Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN )),
as well as a bit older classic telemetry solutions:
-> non industrial based communication networks (e.g. PTSN, GSM),
-> telemetry and RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) configuration for systems  based on standard PTSN or GSM modems or dedicated radio telemetry modules.
I have also friends who sometimes help me with misc issuses to be resolved.
Transmission to client site can be arranged via secured VPN tunnels for service purposes. Our work during commissioning is always fully tested, documented and has full set of backups. We are able to perform electrical tests on low voltage panels and find and remove project faults.

We do work for the people. Therefore we know not only programming languages but also foreign languages. We can talk fluently English and Polish. We know German, Russian and Greek at basic level. We are always considering deeply clients requirements to understand his point of view.

Don‘t hesitate to call or email us for further questions. We are at your disposal.
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